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July 22, 2016
Presentation by historian Harun Yilmaz, held by CRRC Azerbaijan

On 19th July, CRRC Azerbaijan organised a seminar by Harun Yilmaz to present his work on the “Stalinist Period and National History of Azerbaijan”.

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July 12, 2016
Presentation by Dr. Harun Yilmaz, QMUL, British Academy of Science Fellow

"Stalinist Period and National History of Azerbaijan" titled presentation will be held by CRRC Azerbaijan on 19th July 2016.

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July 8, 2016
Debrief: Work in Progress meeting, 4 July

At our second session of Fellows presentation, guests joined us as Elchin, Lucy and Gunel presented their research design and early findings on militaristic rhetoric in Azerbaijan, the gender pay gap, and educational reform in the country.

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July 4, 2016
Debrief: Work In Progress meeting, 27 June

Two of our Junior Fellows, Ilaha and Omar, presented their early-stage research projects - on oil rents and corruption, and the problematic nature of state-led development - to an audience of professors, researchers and other guests.

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July 1, 2016
Join us for our Summer Workshop for students on Advanced Research Methods

CRRC is offering a free and interactive 3-day workshop for students looking to boost their methodological skills in the social sciences. Find out how to get involved.

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